Why More Restaurants are Switching to Eco-Friendly Takeout Containers

A takeout container is the last thing your customer will see before they go home and enjoy their meal, so you want to make sure that it’s something that they’ll appreciate — not just aesthetically, but also environmentally. With all of the plastic pollution in our oceans these days, many restaurants are switching to eco-friendly takeout containers like sugarcane takeout boxes and paper takeout bags. Eatery Outlet will talk about why more restaurants are making this switch! If you’re looking for eco-friendly takeout containers, browse our selection today!

Moving Away From Styrofoam
Most takeout containers are made from petroleum-based plastics or styrofoam, which don’t biodegrade over time. Styrofoam is also known to release harmful substances into our environment when exposed to heat, light, water and air. Paper takeout boxes may not be as sturdy as plastic or styrofoam containers, but they’re compostable and recyclable. Plus, they look really chic and give restaurants a more sustainable image.

Many eco-friendly takeout food containers are affordable and price competitive, including our own sugarcane boxes, so restaurants don’t have to spend more money for sustainability. Even though there may be a few eco-friendly options that are pricey, it’s still worth the extra amount of money because the containers can be recycled, composted and are mostly biodegradable.

Some takeout boxes are made from biodegradable materials that can be composted, which is a great option for restaurants that want to do their part in reducing their environmental impact. If the takeout containers cannot be composted, they should at least be recyclable. By making the switch to biodegradable or recyclable takeout containers, such as our Kraft soup containers, restaurants can do their part to help preserve our planet.

Better for the Environment
Eco-friendly takeout containers are more sustainable, reducing a restaurant’s carbon footprint by limiting waste production and other harmful emissions caused by the manufacturing process. Making the switch to eco-friendly takeout containers is a great way for restaurants to show their customers that they’re invested in sustainable practices and that they care about the environment.

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